3:00 - Color - Stereo – 4:3 – United States – English dialogue - Original Format: 16mm

Yesterday Estel joined the JROTC youth military program ... today she is just hanging out with her friends.



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12th Paris Festival of Different & Experimental Cinema (via Les Inattendus Festival), France, December 7-11

Lucy Parsons Center, Radical Movie Night, Boston, United States, November 3

Museum of Fine Arts Boston, “Local Filmmakers Presents”, United States, September 10



Ljubljana International Short Film Festival, Slovenia, March 23-25



8th Alucine Toronto Latin Media Festival, Canada, November 20-29

International Film Festival of Toro, Colombia, November 14-16

4th “Festifreak” Festival of Independent Cinema, Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 18-26

5th Novara Cine Festival, Italy, September 24-October 4

Shorts Nonstop Online Film Festival, Canadian Film Centre, July-August

3rd A Film for Peace Festival, Medea, Italy, July 20

Space 4 Shorts Film Festival, Peterborough, United Kingdom, June 30-July 4

6th Festival Of Nations, Ebensee, Austria, June 15-21

2nd Acurt Film Festival, Valencia, Spain, May 17-18

Mayfair Day Festival, Brattle, Cambridge, United States, May 4

4th Short Film Festival of Celra, Spain, April 25-27

7th Sonar International Short Film Festival, Florence, Italy, April 3-6

7th Boston Cinema Census, United States, March 14

19th Ankara International Film Festival, Turkey, March 13-23

Le Bleu du Ciel Gallery, Lyon, France, March 6-April 26

37th International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands January 23-February 3

6th Les Inattendus Film Festival, Lyon, France, January 21-27



11th Leicester “CAN 2007” International Short Film Festival, United Kingdom, over 12 months

12th Kerala Film Festival, India, December 7-14

9th Madurai Documentary & Short Film Festival, India, December 5-9

4th Nuremberg Film Festival, Germany, November 9-10

6th Boston Latino International Film Festival, United States, October 12-21

3rd Detmold International Short Film Festival, Germany, September 26-30

10th Auburn International Festival for Children & Young Adults, Australia, September 17-21

11th ToniCorti Festival, Padova, Italy, August 31-September 8

2nd Lola Kenya Screen Film Festival, Nairobi, August 6-11

13th San Gio Video Festival, Verona, Italy, July 23-27

Slow Film Festival, Eger, Hungary, July 21-27

Westside Short Film Festival, Valletta, Malta, July 6

4th Amakula Kampala International Film Festival, Uganda, May 3-13

4th IndieLisboa International Film Festival, Portugal, April 19-29

5th Non-Budget International Film Festival, Cuba, April 16-22

54th Belgrade Documentary & Short Film Festival, Serbia, March 30-April 4

8th Cosmic Zoom Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark February 2-4


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