SOLACE (2005)
SOLACE (2005)
SOLACE (2005)

11:10 – Color - Stereo – 4:3 – United States – No Dialogue - Original Format: 16mm

A teenager wanders his neighborhood, drifting in and out of the lives of friends and strangers.




“Film Frei!” Program, OKTO Television, Vienna, Austria, March 15



10th Strawberry Shorts Film Festival, Cambridge, United Kingdom, June 3

Blind Spot Skopje Exhibition, Cultural Center CK, Macedonia, March 27-April 3


2010, online distribution

22nd Festival de Cine de Girona, Spain, December 3-5, JURY SPECIAL MENTION

Lucy Parsons Center, Radical Movie Night, Boston, United States, November 3

Museum of Fine Arts Boston, “Local Filmmakers Presents”, United States, September 12

Strawberry Shorts Marquee @ Fordham Festival, United Kingdom, August 6-8



5th International Short Film Festival of Cusco, Peru, November 13-15

5th Nuremberg Film Festival, Germany, November 7-8

4th Busho Vision International Short Film Festival, Budapest, Hungary, September 3-7

Le Bleu du Ciel Gallery, Lyon, France, March 6-April 26

6th Les Inattendus Film Festival, Lyon, France, January 21-27



3rd Lucca Film Festival, Italy, September 28-October 6

2nd Lola Kenya Screen Film Festival, Nairobi, August 6-11

12th Portobello Film Festival, London, United Kingdom, August 1-21

Slow Film Festival, Eger, Hungary, July 21-27

5th Irpen Film Festival, Ukraine, June 23-24

4th Amakula Kampala International Film Festival, Uganda, May 3-13

3rd Short Film Festival of Celrá, Spain, April 27-29

5th Non-Budget International Film Festival, Cuba, April 16-22

Zoom Zblizenia Film Festival, Jelenia Gora, Poland, February 8-11

8th Cosmic Zoom Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark February 2-4



Film Front International Film Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia, December 21-23

8th Madurai Documentary & Short Film Festival, India, December 6-10

Vila Velha, Brazil, Cineclubs, various dates

Studios @ 35: Artists at the Boston Center for the Arts, United States, November 17-January 7, 2007

3rd Abuja International Film Festival, Nigeria, September 21-24

10th Tonicorti Festival, Padova, Italy, September 1-10

17th Impakt Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands, August 23-27

8th Motovun Film Festival, Croatia, July 24-28

8th Belo Horizonte Film Festival, Brazil, July 21-30

17th Marseille International Documentary Festival, France, July 6-11

Shorts Movie Festival, Saint Petersburg, Russia, July 4

5th Fescurts Short Film Festival, Torelló, Spain, June 30-July 2

9th Inventa Film Festival, Lenola, Italy, May 13-21

5th Reggio Emilia Film Festival, Italy, May 17-21

10th Kinofilm (Manchester) Short Film Festival, United Kingdom, February 24-March 5

5th Boston Cinema Census, United States, January 13



47th ZINEBI: Bilbao International Festival of Documentary & Short Film, Spain, November 21-26, SILVER AWARD

15th Oslo International Film Festival, Norway, November 17-27

12th Regensburg Short Film Week, Germany, Nov. 16-23

Konstanzer Film Festival, Germany, October 29-30

Magma Film Festival, Italy, Sept. 14-16

Cesta Art Festival, Tabor, Czech Republic, September 4

16th Sao Paulo Short Film Festival, August 25-September 3

San Gio Video Festival, Italy, July 24

21st Hamburg Short Film Festival, Germany, June 8-13

Courtisane Video Festival, Belgium, May 12-15

Arizona International Film Festival, United States, April 14-24

Signes de Nuit Film Festival, Dusseldorf Film Museum, Germany, April 9

Cinequest Film Festival (Online Edition), San Jose, California, United States, February

27th Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, France, Jan 25-Feb 5

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