SMILE (2008)
SMILE (2008)
SMILE (2008)

1:35 - Color - Stereo - 4:3 - United States - No dialogue - Original format: 16mm

Two strangers on a bench, watching the sea...




Just A Minute Online Film Festival, Massachusetts, United States, October 5-December 1

The Brief Brief Online Competition, Eat My Shorts Film Festival, Dublin, Ireland, July 1-5

10th Irpen Film Festival, Ukraine, June 2

8th 100 International Film Festival, Tehran, Iran, February 23-24



From Experimental Film to the Audiovisual, Institute Cervantes, Shanghai, China, June-July

4th 60 Seconds Film Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark, March 21-26

Action International Short Film Festival, Serbia, February



New Media Fest, One Minute Film Collection, Cologne, Germany, Summer

1st International Kids Film Festival, Santa Marta, Colombia, July 16-19



7th One Minute International Film/Video Festival, Aarau, Switzerland, August 21-23

Shorts Nonstop Online Film Festival, Canadian Film Centre, July

3rd Time Film Festival, Lausanne, Switzerland, June 19-20

2nd International Children’s Film Festival of Bangladesh, January 24-30



9th Extra Short Film Festival, Moscow, Russia, December 20

Thermaikos International Short Film Festival, Greece, November 1

Third Screen Online Film Festival, October

Le:60 1-Minute Film Festival, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, October 4

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